Valerie Ramsburg

Central Pennsylvania family and event photographer

Awards and Recognitions

*Semi-Finalist* in 2014 U.S.A.Landscape Photographer of the year for My America.

*Finalist* in the Adams County Arts Council's 11th Annual Juried Art Exhibition for From the Clouds.

About Valerie

Valerie Ramsburg is a family and event photographer located in Central Pennsylvania. 

Snapbackfoto specializes in capturing candid moments or impromptu artistry.  This is the most intimate form of photography that best tells your story.  Whether it's your family, friends...or even your pets! 

We want you to be able to look at your photos and be transported back in time.  So, let's snapback!

See what Valerie is up to! Facebook page here.

Contact Info:

Valerie Ramsburg

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